Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Idea #1 - Jo Malone

I've been a serious lover of Jo Malone products for about ten years. I'm not just crazy about the packaging, although I do have to admit I love every crisp cream bag and box tied with black satin ribbon that the products come in, I'm also addicted to all the fragrances. I've picked three of my favorite product lines from Jo Malone as suggestions for this upcoming Mother's Day.  Mark your calendars, it's coming up on May 8th!

Jo Malone opened her first London store in the Fall of 1994 and immediately gained a worldwide following. The beauty of her nature-based line of products is that they are made up from only one or two scents, like lime, mandarin, eucalyptus basil and honey, so her products smell fresh and modern. My personal favorite fragrance is French Lime Blossom, because it reminds me of waking up in the South of France. According to the website, Lime & Basil & Mandarin are two top sellers followed by Amber Lavender and Black Vetyver Cafe.

Each Malone fragrance comes in a variety of forms from a soft luxurious body creme, bath oil, soaps, body lotions and even shower gel.  The foaming bath oil is divine, perfect for any mother who needs a little relaxation and the bath oil softens all the rough spots, in more than one way!

This season Jo Malone has teamed up with David Hicks, one of the most renowned English Interior Designers, to create a limited edition line of candles based on some of the favorite Jo Malone scents including Pomegranate Noir, Lime Basil and Red Roses.   Apart from the fact that these candles are by themselves a beautiful and stylish statement for any home, these classic fragrances are bound to be a favorite for any mother!

The company also recently launched Limited Edition Tea Fragrance Blends, a wonderful collection of fragrances with classic tea fragrances as a base.  So British!  The new fragrances include Assam & Grapefruit, Earl Grey & Cucumber, Fresh Mint Leaf, Sweet Lemon and Sweet Milk.   I had heard through the grapevine that these new tea blends are top sellers and incredibly popular.  I discovered that some are not available, even on their website, including the most popular, Assam and Grapefruit &  Earl Grey & Cucumber.  Sweet Lemon and Fresh Mint Leaf are still available if you wanted to give the line a try.  Of course, there are many wonderful cologne's from her signature line including a new favorite of mine, Red Rose.  

Happy Mother's Day Shopping!

All pictures: Jo Malone website.  

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  1. I have searched high and low to find Sweet Milk. Other than buying a " gently used " bottle on eBay, I am ready to concede that I might just be out of luck. I have since put my away the bottle that I do have to keep freeloading friends from trying it when they are at my house. The English Pear and Freesia, Red Roses and Pomegranate Noir will just have to suffice for now. Sigh...
    xoxo Maria