Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For the Chaps. James Bond Lifestyle

I'm usually gushing over the latest dress or a fabulous pair of shoes, but today it's Bond, James Bond. I found a fabulous website called Bond Lifestyle - The Real Thing and had to share it with you.  In my 15 Pieces for Every Man post, I noted that Turnbull & Asser dressed the dapper James Bond. They are not alone. Tom Ford suits, Sunspel shirts, Persol sunglasses and Omega watches make up James Bond's signature style.  So, here are some of my favorite clothing and accessory pieces from the site.  For my female friends, I will make sure this post has a plethora of Bond photos. For the men, fabulous style tips and how to make a Vesper Martini.   

Bond "Must Have" Clothes

In the 2006 Bond movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig wore several Sunspel shirts including the blue polo shirt,  as seen left. The shirt, with it's classic lines, was based on an original Sunspel design for the Italian market.  Of course the black polo is a classic and should be a staple in any man's wardrobe--especially when paired with a pair of white jeans.  

Also from Sunspel, the white V neck t-shirt, made from a fine gauge of Egyptian cotton (above right) worn by Bond while cruising aboard his yacht on the Grand Canal, after Vesper's tragic demise in the lift.  Wear this t-shirt and you will smolder too.  I promise.

Bond "Must Have Accessories"

Here are some key fashion pieces Bond would never be without.  Persol PO2720S sunglasses were worn by Bond in Casino Royal.  Persol is an great Italian brand with a rich heritage.  For those new to Persol, their glasses are easily identifiable by the Supreme Arrow, both a functional component of their sunglasses, and the company's logo. 

The watch can be worn in water, hence the photo
In Quantum of Solace, Bond sports an Omega watch, aptly named Planet Ocean. During the release of the film, Omega created a special edition Seamaster (see picture above) with a black bezel.  The back of the Seamaster  is marked 007 and the second hand has a red 007 logo on one side.

The watch is water resistant to 1000 feet, which is extremely helpful should you need to outrun Blofeld underwater.

This pair of classic S.T. Dupont cuff links were showcased by Bond in Casino Royale  when he checks out his new spy gear in the glove compartment of his brand new Aston Martin DBS.  They also make an appearance in Quantum of Solace.  Cuff links are always the sign of a debonair and sophisticated chap.  

Martini, Shaken Not Stirred.

In the movie Casino Royale, when Vesper asks Bond if he named the drink after her "because of the bitter aftertaste", 007 replies that he named it for her, "because once you have tasted it, you won't drink anything else."  So chaps, here you go, just like Bond, you can make the perfect Martini.  

'Three measures of Gordon's; one of vodka; half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel."  Serve in a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a large thin slice of lemon peel.  Kina Lillet, now called Lillet, is hard to find, so replace with another dry Vermouth if necessary.  All ingredients available on  Bond Lifestyle - The Real Thing website.

The Car

Finally, at the insistence of the men in my life, the Aston Martin DBS.  Apparently you can't talk about Bond without showing the car.  Available at all Aston Martin dealerships.  This car's cool stylish lines are sure to make you feel like a double O.

Happy Shopping!

Notes: All pictures from website, Bond Lifestyle- The Real Thing.

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