Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A High Heel To Die For from L K Bennett

It's not often that I gasp aloud while on the computer, but this morning was one of those rare moments.  I "tune in" to LK Bennett's website every once in a while to look at their latest offerings. This is the same LK Bennett famous for the "nude platform court shoe" worn endlessly by the Duchess of Cambridge.  Anyway,  I came across the "Capri" shoe above and was practically in tears.  I fell in love so quickly.  Described as a "high heeled gladiator" kid leather sandal that will "...grab attention wherever you go."  I second that!  Check out their website to see stores or retailers in the US.

For a quick link to the shoe, click here.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Spring Trends from Anthropologie

It feels like Spring here today in Atlanta with the thermometer registering a balmy seventy degrees.  I'm sure this gorgeous weather, that allowed me to throw open my windows this morning will not last, but while I revel in it I thought I'd post a little about upcoming Spring trends: Stripes, Texture, Prints, Color Blocking and Jewel Tones.  I took a look at Anthropologie's current offerings and found some great examples.

Prints are everywhere this spring, from bright florals to retro graphics.  If you are an adventurous soul who thrives on being bold, the selection is endless.  For me, who tends to shy away from color, the animal print dress left is simply perfection.  This black and white zebra print can be highlighted by a dash of color through a great belt, necklace, or as shown here, a wild pair of stockings.  The Hilda dress also hits another trend this spring, the shirt dress- always a classic. See it at Anthropologie here.


Color blocking was a huge trend in 2012 and the trend seems to be continuing in 2013.  This time there is more of an emphasis on color blocking accessories on the runway. Rather than the vibrant and bright color blocking of 2012, the trend seems to have moved towards "neutral" blocking for 2013 and this handbag from Anthropologie will fit right in.  The bonus here, this bag will never go out of style and is what I constantly bang on about in the majority of my blogs...it's a classic.  See it here.

If you aren't in the mood for a bag, the dress left will fit the neutral blocking trend.  I know you've seen this dress on everyone from everyone from Victoria Beckham's line (see right for an example) to Paris and Milan runways. Of course we can't all pop out and buy a couture dress, and this Marseille Pencil dress by Ruby Bell will make sure that you hit all the style points this spring without destroying your wallet.  So sophisticated for work.  See it here.

While I find the thought of stripes being a "trend" a little ridiculous, because I think ever wardrobe should include striped pieces, I'm always happy to promote them.  The striped dress above is typical of a large number of dresses in the Anthropologie line this Spring.  Again, black and white is always a good choice when picking a print and you'll have this dress in your wardrobe for years to come.

Jewel tones were featured on a large number of runways from Oscar de la Renta to Gucci.  The Tiered Lace Column dress by Bailey 44 (left) is going to take you from winter into Spring.  I have two Bailey dresses from Anthropologie and find that they always give you a wonderful shape, while still hiding all those little bits...you know what they are.  The little cap sleeves add a nice touch to a dress, so you don't look as though you've thrown on a summer dress from last year.  See it here.

Finally, right, I'm in love with these Windsor drop earrings from the Suzanna Dai collection by Susie Gallehugh. Ugh!  I love a costume piece and these retro style danglers hit all those great jewel tones colors that are perfect for spring.  I know that they are far from practical, but I may have to create an occasion just so I can justify the purchase!  See them here.

Happy almost Spring!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post Holiday Disguise

Camouflage is the name of the game in my house this month. Between the debauchery of Thanksgiving, which in addition to a turkey, included a plethora of "potato related" side dishes and a Christmas dinner that involved rump roast and scrumptious Yorkshire puddings (I'm going to post the Yorkshire recipe soon, it's foolproof). I need a little help from the fashion fairies while shedding the excess that, unlike my house guests, is still very much with me.  I have been spending my post holiday days wrapped in a series of long sweaters and flouncy tops.  While searching around for more camouflage gear, I came across this fabulous Turtleneck Cashmere Poncho (left)  from Ralph Lauren. See it on the website here. Then I discovered it also comes in grey and camel, which are on sale here.  Bonus!

I'm a huge fan of buying things that never go out of style. I'm that awful kind of girlfriend that tells you to put something back that you are in love with in the store because it's too seasonal.  This poncho is a "classic" that will never go out of style.  I have to say I love the leather pants, but those are not on my list, at least not until spring, when my yogurt diet has done the trick!

 Happy New Year!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fabulous Find #11

I went to a presentation in my son Guy's class today and one of the mum's was wearing a Tory Burch tunic with white pants.  She was a fashion stand out and thanks to her I had my Friday Fabulous Find!  I'm a huge fan of Tory Burch tunics, they never go out of style, and are quickly becoming the epitome of a classic. Above, the Tori Mini Dress Tunic, so chic for Summer, in a navy stripe with a classic Burch collar.  This piece will immediately set you apart from the crowd.  Wear it as a dress, or add white drainpipe jeans and flat sandals for a casual weekend lunch.  So fabulous!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charlie's Angels. Zara Lookbook.

In the Summer of 1978, at the age of eight, I visited America with my family for the first time. One of the first American television shows I saw that Summer was Charlie's Angels. I was, as my mother would still tell you,  "glued" to the tele.  For good reason, who could not be enthralled by the clothes, the hair and the shoes of those angels. Not to mention that there were guns, chase scenes and karate chops!  Like most of you, I'm sure, my allegiance to one particular angel fluctuated over time.  Sometimes it was Farrah Fawcett and her blonde locks that I rooted for, sometimes Jaclyn Smith whose kindness and beauty was endearing, and at others of course Kate Jackson whose smarts I found so appealing. Those memories have stuck with me ever since and when I saw some of the new pieces on offer from Zara, I was immediately transported back in time.  How could I resist a fashion homage to three of my favorite women?

Nothing says seventies like glittery silver hot pants.  The good news with these metal trousers is that they are low slung and cropped making them modern while still retaining that '70's glam.   Silver bags are all the rage this Summer and this metallic shopper is going to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit.  White suits are the epitome of the 1970's, think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.   The tuxedo collared blazer above is a great choice for a night out on the town. Crank up the Bee Gees on the 8 track while you are putting on this one. Nothing adds a little "bling" to an outfit than a great belt. This diamante belt would be great with a pair of white pants.  Zara always has some fabulous shoes at reasonable prices and the two pairs above are no exception.  Check out all the shoes currently available here.

Jump-suits are popping up everywhere this Summer.  I'm a little in love with this black, low backed jump-suit. Black is always glamorous and slimming. Pair this one with a fun pair of shoes and you will be a standout! Finally this green dress right hits two of the big fashion notes this Summer, it's  jewel toned and a maxi dress. This dress is in a great shade of green that will work with all hair colors. I still remember my mother wearing long dresses in the evening and this dress takes me straight back to those nights as a little girl when I used to sit on her bed and watch her getting dressed. 

So grab a little sparkle, turn on the disco and let your inner angel shine!

Happy Shopping!

Notes: Photographs from Zara, Wikipedia.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Laguna Supply

I love the big smile that crosses my son's face as he discovers a new toy.  I imagine it was that same look when two friends and I entered Laguna Supply, a tiny clothing boutique located in Laguna Beach.  The frightening thing is that we almost missed it, it was just by chance while we were wandering down a side street  that we happened upon it.  Laguna Supply was started a few years ago by friends Dana Marron and Laura Hart.  Having worked for clothing lines like Roxy and Hurley, they decided to open their own clothing store.  The concept for the store was simple, to stock clothes that they would wear everyday, by designers like Rag and Bone, Frank & Eileen and Elizabeth and James.  What you will notice from the moment that you walk in the store is that each item is chosen with purpose, each is unique and each can be worn effortlessly.  These are not stuffy clothes, instead they are clothes that you will reach for everyday, from stylish striped shirts to amazing scarves that you can wear with everything.  For me, the best part of Laguna Supply is Dana the owner.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in picking out pieces that will fit both your style and your body type.  At her suggestion, I purchased a wonderful kelly green scarf  that I seem to live in.  I wear  it with everything from jeans to a black dress.  So, if you are looking for casual European style, or a fabulous new scarf, check out Laguna Supply, 210 Beach Street, Laguna Beach, CA.  You'll be so glad you did!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Etsy Beach

Even though we are still stuck in June Gloom here in Newport Beach, I'm still embracing Summer in a big way. Today, some fabulous beach style from Etsy in shades of red and blue. I'm always in awe of the creativity, design and artistry I find whenever I am on Etsy. Tomorrow one of my favorite clothing stores in Laguna, so tune in.

Photograph of buoys lining red shack in Rockport, Massachusetts. Buoys on Motif-1, from Big Bean Photo Shop.  Big Bean has some wonderful beach coastal prints, in addition to urban and rural ones.

The Extra Large Beach Bag from Lucy Jane Studio.  The studio has great graphic print bags in all colors, and their size means you will be able to haul all of your gear to the beach in style.  Left, a beautiful Turkish Bath Towel in red and ivory from All Organic Textiles.  The store is located in Turkey, where the fabric is woven.  All the materials are 100% organic cotton.  These fabulous towels can be used as a towel, shawls or even as a decorative throw.  Fabulous!

Cherry Red Sari by Tocamade, a store located in Mallorca in sunny Spain.  I would suggest going there to pick it up, rather than have them send it to you! 

Is this not the most divine Summer hat ever!  I'm just in love.  From Little Baby Bat, the hat is also reversable. From Laken & Lila, a great kids clothing company, a super red beach skirt in swirls.  Laken & Lila are currently running a buy 2 skirts get 1 for free promotion!

Gallant & Jones Brighton Deck Chair in fabulous summer colors. The black walnut frame is handmade and hand finished.  

If you are going to throw a beach party these crab invites from Buddy and Bean are a perfect choice.  Graphic, bright and modern, potential guests are sure to want to come to this party.  Finally, to help you point the way to the beach, from Twigs 2 Whirlygigs a red distressed beach sign.

Happy Summer!