Thursday, June 2, 2011

British Beach Style. Really.

I'm always fascinated by the items people take to the beach.  One of my favorite beach "activities" is taking a stroll down the beach for a snoop, so I can check out all the beach umbrellas, towels, etc.  I have to admit to being amazed by the ingenuity of people who bring tents, BBQ's and even diningroom tables.  Last week I saw an article at the Daily Telegraph on The White Company, a London based retailer, highlighting some of their current beach line. I'm afraid my only memory of a British beach was almost freezing to death as a child while on a convent outing to one.  I was wearing a wool swimming costume. A red one that sucked up the seawater like a sponge. Ghastly! Anyway, what we British lack in  "great" beaches, we apparently make up for in style.  Take a look at the Holkham Windbreak (pictured above), once I saw it, I was in love.  Not only am I a "fool" for stripes, I love the idea of creating your own stylish "sun trap" on the beach.  And, as a person who constantly looses glasses and other paraphernalia at the beach, the fact that the windbreak has large pockets is very appealing!

Here are some other things from the same line.  An enormous scatter pillow, which to be honest I think would be fabulous in someone's beach house, rather than on the beach, or as a bed for a very spoiled Fido. The striped and washed denim cushions would be great on a grey windswept Maine porch.  Of course the striped napkins and blue chambray placemats are always a classic for a picnic.  

If you're looking to buy just one thing, I would recommend the striped towels. Inspired by Turkish towels they are light-weight, will dry quickly and could double as a sarong.  Very stylish.

 Think I might have to putter down to the beach this weekend.... 

Happy Shopping!

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