Monday, May 23, 2011

Channelling Audrey. Stripes

I went shopping with two girlfriends this past week and we all came away with one item, a black and white striped shirt.  One of my girlfriends admits she may have a stripe problem, and as you will see tomorrow she has put this "addiction" to good use! A little tease. Stripes are all the rage this summer, from wide stripes, to thin stripes, bright colors to black and white, they are everywhere you look. 

For me, black and white stripes are always a classic.  In fact, I could post this blog every year for the next ten and it would still be relevant and current.  Of course, if we use the world "classic" Audrey Hepburn is the pinnacle. Always beautifully dressed both in movies and in real life, stripes were a constant, whether she was going to the races in My Fair Lady, or romancing Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. As the picture left shows, even while having a quick sandwich while sitting on the floor, she is stunning!

There are some easy rules to wearing stripes.  Firstly, match a stripe with a solid.  If you are wearing a stripe on the bottom, pair it with a solid top.  Of course, vertical stripes are going to make you look taller and thinner, stripes across your body can make you look curvier.  If you embrace your curves, stripes will accentuate all the good bits, and if you have a boyish figure, large stripes will help you to create curves.  From J Crew (right), the classic black and white t-shirt, perfect for every occasion.  Pair it with black cigarette pants for a more formal look, or with a great pair of tennis shoes if you are out and about on the town.  I've pulled two great, reasonably priced pairs of pants from Zara, that would be perfect. 

I have to say I'm mad about ballet flats at the moment, and these from American Eagle help you embrace the look of stripes, if you are not comfortable wearing a large amount.  So cute and summery!     To spice up this look, don't forget a dash of color, whether a bright red Chanel lipstick, a slimline belt, or a great scarf in a vibrant shade.  Oh, and don't forget the sunglasses.  A must!

Happy Shopping!


Top Left & Middle:  Zara Black Capri Trousers $39.90,
Right Top & Middle: Zara Organic Striped T-Shirt $16.90, Zara White Ankle-Cropped Trousers $39.90,
Bottom: American Eagle Canvas Ballet Flats $29.50,Unisex Striped T-Shirt, $85.00, Zara Two-Tone Fabric Messenger Bag, $69.90

Pictures: American Eagle, J Crew, Zara, Tumblr.


  1. Bellisima! I just purchased the perfect pair of black ankle-length "cigarette pants" a la Audrey Hepburn and planned to pair it with my little black ballet flats! The striped shirt is perfect! You read my mind!

  2. I'm sure you will look fabulous! Thanks for the feedback.