Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Juxtaposition Home

If you are a fan of fashion, vintage accessories, interior design books, fascinating portraits, industrial I need to continue...this is one to put on your bucket list...Juxtaposition Home.  Located in Crystal Cove, between Newport and Laguna Beach, Juxtaposition is one of those magical places that I spend hours exploring.  Here are some of my favorites vignettes from a recent visit. I did try to edit the number of images, really.

For those with small spaces I love the idea of hanging a simple cream curtain from the back of a large piece of furniture, creating the perfect backdrop for a desk space.   

Juxtaposition has a small and select amount of clothing, bags and accessories.  Each piece has a vintage feel.  The store also has a wonderful collection of  unique jewelry from across the globe.

Eye candy.  I spend as much time as I can browsing through the stacks of design books carried by the store.  My husband and I, with coffee in hand, spent about an hour one afternoon last week browsing through books on French and English design respectively, with each of us saying, "Oh my god, you have to see this..." 

Look up, look up!  I'm in love with vintage French wine bottles at the moment.  I have one on my "desire list". Don't you think it would be magnificent vessel for collecting loose change?  Practical and beautiful.  The old French "DENTELLES" sign is another one of my favorites, a perfect foile for the simplicity of the linen slip covered chairs with  "Banque de France" pillows.   

Each table in Juxtaposition Home is a treasure trove, and this collection of red items displayed on an antique pine table is no exception.  From beautiful design books, paper thin scarves, enameled numbers, to the portrait of a young boy, part of superb collection of vintage portrait paintings from Amsterdam, ever inch of the store offers design inspiration. 

The store offers a great collection of fabrics, ready made pillows and linens. Their fabrics vary in style from vintage damasks, industrial graphic designs, to the latest in pale French linen.  

My favorite of this visit, these stunning Wellington Boots. Let it rain, let it pour. I want a pair of these boots so I can play in the puddles.  

Finally, I love the collection of nine portraits above.  Simple, elegant and beautiful.  If you are looking for a design idea to fill a large blank wall, copy this one.  Consider using art from favorite calendar, a collection of botanical prints, or even your children's artwork.  This is a classic and will never go out of style.

For more information on Juxtaposition Home or to shop for some of their pieces on line visit 1st Dibs.

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