Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inexpensive and Stylish Spring Looks

After writing about Spring looks for boys, I received a three word e-mail from a friend, "What about us?"  Of course my friend is right, as mothers and/or businesswomen we get so busy with work and family that we often forget to take care of ourselves.  I've put together a little montage of my favorites from Zara, one of my favorite shopping haunts.  I will admit to you, and only you, that I've already purchased three of these pieces.

For those of you who may not have had the chance to visit a Zara store or the website, they are a London-based company that offer great clothes at a reasonable price point, so you can be stylish without having to forgo contributions to your kid's college fund.

 If you read my "Confessions of a Shoe Smuggler" blog, Zara's "Wide-Heel Strappy Sandal ($49.90) are the shoes I was racing up the stairs to hide. Love, love, love them.  A girlfriend recently told me about a survey that said most America women only buy three pairs of shoes a year.  I find this hard to believe, but if you are going to buy only three, this is one pair to consider.  The best part of these shoes is the wide-heel ensuring  you won't fall on your face walking down the sidewalk.

 I adore both the coral red Back-Neckline Dress ($79.90) and the Tri-Color Scarf ($39.90).  The scarf is already in my closet.  I have been wearing it with jeans, a plain white t-shirt and flip-flops.  Fabulous! And with the "color blocking" trend that we keep hearing about for Spring, the Back Neckline dress would be perfect paired with a great solid jacket.  

I am slightly mad for anything camel colored, so I did purchase the Camel Ankle Cropped Trousers, pictured left ($69.90). I chose to buy them in a size larger than I normally wear as I felt like a stuffed sausage when I tried them on in my own size. And, as I learned long ago, if you are feeling fat in the dressing room, they'll never come out of your closet. 

 I  keep obsessing about the Printed Tunic ($79.90) pictured below.  My mother would call it a "once seen, never forgotten" meaning that everyone is going to recognize it every time you wear it.  In this case, I think it may be worth the risk!  
Finally, if you want one quick wardrobe addition, I would suggest the Coral Red Belt ($39.90).  It would look great paired with a pair of jeans, or to spruce up a favorite skirt.

Happy Shopping!



  1. You've found my season's treasure--the shoe! And I love a bit of tangerine, but can't wear a lot, so I love the touches you've worked in subtly. Thanks!

  2. Oh nice. I'm a fan of the shoes too. And the scarf. I appreciate the dynamic layout of your post too. All those floating small images: nice design!