Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 Cool Spring Pieces for Boys

Today's warm breeze and bright sunshine gave us the opportunity to gather the family and head down to our favorite beach for what we call "rock hopping" and some fun in the surf.  And, it finally gave my eleven year old son Guy the chance to get out the "camo" shorts that have been sitting in his drawer for a couple of months.  

I have to admit that even I fell in love with these Techo Shorts from Mini Boden when I spotted them on the website. For those of you not familiar with Mini Boden, they are a London-based clothing company that specialize in vibrant, colorful and quirky clothes for kids and adults.  I have grown to adore them because their clothes are beautifully made, the fabrics are as tough as steel and wash like a dream.  Although pricier than some other kids clothes, they last five times as long.  I inset three other sets of shorts currently available on their website. 

After wearing the Techno Shorts Guy gave them a big thumbs up.  He liked that they were easy to climb rocks in and were dry before we got home from the beach. I have a feeling he may live in them until the Fall!

Two of Guy's other favorites for Spring are Gap's retro Aviator Shades available at Gap Kids ($8.99) and Sanuk's Sidewalk Surfers ( $42.00).  The Aviator Shades are well made, and he loves them because he thinks they make him look like his Uncle Paul whose a pilot.  We both like the Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers.  Although casual, I appreciate that they look great with jeans and khaki's, so he can wear them when we are heading out to dinner, instead of tennis shoes. Guy loves his Sanuk's because they have side velcro enclosure so he doesn't have to mess with laces.  

Happy Spring all!

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