Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Fabulous Find...#1

From Banana Republic website

Florals are one of the hot Spring 2011 fashion trends, just as they were in Spring 2010, but it can be a hard look to pull off.  One wrong move and you can end up looking like your grandmother's kitchen curtains.  The trick with florals, as with most things in life unfortunately, is moderation, so rather than a long floral dress in a bold bright print, try a single article of clothing like a scarf or skirt in a muted floral one.

So, here is my fashion find of the week, a floral piece that I think will allow you to effortlessly embrace this Spring 2011 fashion trend.  It's a flirty, fun silk print tie-neck spaghetti strap tank from Banana Republic, retail price $69.50. The small print of fabulous pomegranate color make the piece endlessly versatile.  You can wear it with a business suit a tailored jacket during the week and with a great pair of jeans or shorts on the weekend.

So, as always, Happy Shopping!

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