Saturday, May 21, 2011

Restoration Boys

My son Guy is turning twelve this year. I have to admit that over these past few months I have felt as though time has started speeding up, as I watch him sprout up, develop a "teenage gait" and slowly begin to take a passing interest in girls. While I delight at the little man now living in our house, with whom I have started to have some fascinating and deep conversations, I do miss the little boy who lived for legos and action men.  

As we slowly begin the process of moving, we have started looking for furniture for his new room. Furniture that can carry him through his teenage years. It was during the search that came across Restoration Hardware's Baby & Child collection. While I love the design aesthetic of Restoration Hardware's furniture, the scale of it can sometimes be prohibitive, unless of course you live in a castle.  The Baby & Child line is more scale friendly and their furniture for boys offers a great industrial style aesthetic. 

Guy has fallen for three pieces from their current line, including the Industrial Cart Platform Bed from their Industrial Cart Collection.  Made from a riveted metal frame, with over-sized lock cast iron wheels, it has a great early industrial-era feel. The bed is reasonably priced and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that not only is it a great looking bed, it's on wheels, rearranging the room, or hunting under the bed for lost items will be a breeze!

Second item on the list, the Mini Flatiron Desk (shown above). Again the thought of being able to move it around appeals to me!  My only concern, the pine top, a notoriously soft wood,  which would be no doubt be destroyed after about five minutes of homework. Though perhaps that would add to the overall weathered appearance of the piece!

My son's final favorite, the Mini 1950's Copenhagen Chair,  a nod toward Danish modern design of the 50s.  It is a stunning chair that looks as though it would be perfect for reading and relaxation.  "A James Bond Chair" he called it.  At over $1K for the chair, my future spy is going to have to wait until he can buy the big boy version on his own!

I'm a big fan of the Weathered Wall Organizer. Made from zinc, the wall-mounted system would be a great place for everyday storage.  I really like the fact that the bins are stenciled, so hopefully things will be put back in their proper place.  This is one item we are adding to the shopping list!   

There are some other great pieces in the current Baby & Child collection that I encourage you to check out.  I'm also putting links to all the pieces shown below.

Happy Shopping!


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  1. looking into this bed for my son, too. He's all of 5 and loves that bed, that desk, that chair and the beanbag chair as well. I was going to try and make one similar to it before I saw it in the catalogue and once i started thinking about it, it's actually cheaper to buy it ready made and delivered than it is to buy all the materials and spend precious time building it. putting in my order tonight. 'have you had yours long? How did it look in person compared to pics on their website? thanks for your input!:)