Thursday, March 31, 2011

Union Jack Design

Juxtaposition Home & Studio, Newport Beach

I recently purchased a"Union Jack" picture frame at Anthropologie.  Now it seems every design showroom I enter I see the British flag.  At Jonathan Adler Home it is fabulous zebra shaped Union Jack rugs, throw pillows and coffee cups.  At Home, one of my favorite design stores in Newport Beach, a plethora of Jacks in all shapes and sizes from pillows to ottomans and even "Union Jack" art.

Jonathan Adler Union Jack Rug

Being a British ex-pat, it always warms my heart to see that little slice of home, whatever the form.  For those of you not familiar with the term "Union Jack" it is what us Brits call our flag.  The term was coined by British navy sailors because they used the term "Jack" for "flag".  The Union Jack has been part of British fashion for years.  Whether The Who, Pink Floyd or even the Spice Girls, British bands seem to drape themselves in the flag in order to establish the fact that they are absolutely and firmly British.  While in England wearing the Jack is sometimes used as a form of protest, like in the 70's with Punk Rock, here in the United States it often seems like a homage to the old country and the Queen.

Union Jack Pillow at Elle Decor Marketplace

I am thrilled that the Union Jack has now established itself in home design. The symmetry of the flag, and the pop of the red white and blue add a graphic and colorful statement to any decor.  So whether or not you are British consider embracing the Jack!  Or, if you are feeling as though you need a bit of the old and new, take a look at Jan Constantine Hand Embroidered Textiles (see below) and combine the Stars and Stripes with the Jack.

Jan Constantine Design (see link)

For more information about  Jan Constantine.  For Elle Decor Marketplace Pillow go to Elle Decor. For information regarding Juxtaposition Home.

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