Picture by Auntie Ele Munjeli, see elemunjeli.com

My name is Guy.  I am writing the biography about my mum because she does not like to talk about herself.  My mum's name is Euphemia.  I know it's a mouthful, but you get used to it after a while.  She is writing this blog because she is sick of television and had read all our books.   She's always worked in marketing.  Most recently as a Director of Marketing for a company that owns lots of shopping centers.  She loves to shop, so it was a really great job for her.

I know that you probably want to know a little background, so here we go.  My mum is British.  She was born in central London a long time ago.  She actually went to boarding school at the age of seven.  She says she was the naughty one at school, but I find that hard to believe, although I believe the part about her talking a lot in class.  She is pretty and funny, but some people don’t get her humor because she is an English person. She can’t order water in the drive-thru because she calls it “waahtah”, and they never understand her.  She has funny names for lots of different things, you’ll see, and she always uses funny sayings like, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” I think she gets them from my Nana.

My mum loves adventure.   She says this is because Nana took her everywhere when she was little, but I think it is because she grew up in England.   One time they drove from London to France in a car.  They got lost along the way and drove round a little French village about twenty times and passed the same old Frenchman sitting on the bench, who kept waving.   She takes me on adventures too.  We do a lot of hiking, camping and skiing.  My favorite was whitewater rafting last summer.  

Her best friend says she is impulsive because she was apparently engaged to my dad after a week of knowing each other.  But that’s okay because they've been married for nineteen years and she says it is the best decision she ever made because she is still crazy about him and she got me too.

As a family we've lived all over the country: Chicago, Michigan, Cincinnati (twice), Miami, California (twice), and now we are currently in the early stages of moving from Southern California to New York which should make for entertaining updates.  She is excited and says that some days it’s all she thinks about.

My mum says she calls her blog "The Likes of Euphemia" because she likes to shop, write, and take pictures. And, so she can share all of her latest finds, ideas and stories with friends who live far away.  As a bonus, I’m in some of the pictures.

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