Friday, January 11, 2013

Spring Trends from Anthropologie

It feels like Spring here today in Atlanta with the thermometer registering a balmy seventy degrees.  I'm sure this gorgeous weather, that allowed me to throw open my windows this morning will not last, but while I revel in it I thought I'd post a little about upcoming Spring trends: Stripes, Texture, Prints, Color Blocking and Jewel Tones.  I took a look at Anthropologie's current offerings and found some great examples.

Prints are everywhere this spring, from bright florals to retro graphics.  If you are an adventurous soul who thrives on being bold, the selection is endless.  For me, who tends to shy away from color, the animal print dress left is simply perfection.  This black and white zebra print can be highlighted by a dash of color through a great belt, necklace, or as shown here, a wild pair of stockings.  The Hilda dress also hits another trend this spring, the shirt dress- always a classic. See it at Anthropologie here.


Color blocking was a huge trend in 2012 and the trend seems to be continuing in 2013.  This time there is more of an emphasis on color blocking accessories on the runway. Rather than the vibrant and bright color blocking of 2012, the trend seems to have moved towards "neutral" blocking for 2013 and this handbag from Anthropologie will fit right in.  The bonus here, this bag will never go out of style and is what I constantly bang on about in the majority of my's a classic.  See it here.

If you aren't in the mood for a bag, the dress left will fit the neutral blocking trend.  I know you've seen this dress on everyone from everyone from Victoria Beckham's line (see right for an example) to Paris and Milan runways. Of course we can't all pop out and buy a couture dress, and this Marseille Pencil dress by Ruby Bell will make sure that you hit all the style points this spring without destroying your wallet.  So sophisticated for work.  See it here.

While I find the thought of stripes being a "trend" a little ridiculous, because I think ever wardrobe should include striped pieces, I'm always happy to promote them.  The striped dress above is typical of a large number of dresses in the Anthropologie line this Spring.  Again, black and white is always a good choice when picking a print and you'll have this dress in your wardrobe for years to come.

Jewel tones were featured on a large number of runways from Oscar de la Renta to Gucci.  The Tiered Lace Column dress by Bailey 44 (left) is going to take you from winter into Spring.  I have two Bailey dresses from Anthropologie and find that they always give you a wonderful shape, while still hiding all those little know what they are.  The little cap sleeves add a nice touch to a dress, so you don't look as though you've thrown on a summer dress from last year.  See it here.

Finally, right, I'm in love with these Windsor drop earrings from the Suzanna Dai collection by Susie Gallehugh. Ugh!  I love a costume piece and these retro style danglers hit all those great jewel tones colors that are perfect for spring.  I know that they are far from practical, but I may have to create an occasion just so I can justify the purchase!  See them here.

Happy almost Spring!!

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