Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Striped Steps

A great girlfriend of mine is a talented artist.  She recently confided that she had a "stripe problem".  As proof of her addiction she sent me the photo above, of her recently painted striped stairs and her scrumptious dog Roger.  Her home is always a showcase of her artistic talents.  Currently living in a mid-century lake house in the Midwest with her husband and two children, her latest creation is, I'm sure, a wonderful way for her twins to wend their way to bed.  Bright and colorful, the stairs reflect her personality and sense of whimsy.  Of course striped steps are a dramatic way to brighten any stairwell space, whether you live in a mid-century home, or a modern marvel.  Stripes painted as a runner will appear to be flowing down the stairs, making any run seem longer.   

For those of you less than confident with a paint brush, there are some great rug companies out there that will help you achieve the same look.  My favorite, Dash and Albert, a company that has a collection of rugs that are both beautiful and, most importantly, affordable. They have a great collection of striped rugs that can be purchased in "runner" lengths.  I have paired some of my favorites from their collection, including Cabana and Parasol next to her amazing staircase to give you an idea of how to achieve the same look. Click here to view Dash and Albert's striped rug collection.  
Many thanks to my friend for always being such an inspiration.  I have added a sampling of Janet's paintings below.  Her Etsy shop is GoAussieGo.

Happy Shopping!

Notes:  Pictures from Janet & Dash and Albert Rugs.


  1. @ Lora - I love her paintings as well. Proud to say I have a couple in my home. They always brighten my day. Thanks for the comment!