Friday, May 6, 2011

A Royal Wedding & Wearing Nude, Carefully.

Now that I have caught up on some much needed sleep, I have a few "style" thoughts after watching the wedding at the Abbey last Friday. The picture of Princess Beatrice in her nude fashion nightmare has raced across the world in these last few days and for good reason, she looked, as my mother so aptly put it, "frightful". Poor thing! But it started me thinking, both about the Windsor's and about wearing one of this seasons hot colors "nude".  

Firstly, it became obvious that the Windsor's are not, nor have they ever been, style icons. It was of course Princess Diana that pulled the Royal Family out of suffrage and introduced the Windsor's to shape, design, elegance and, dare I say it, grandeur.  Although this by definition is subjective, one would be hard pressed, after last week, to argue that without her at the Abbey, the style deficiencies of the Royal Family were on full and painful display. Secondly, that the Windsor family could use a stylist, as quickly as one can be hired.  Furthermore that whoever let Princess Beatrice -- not to mention Princess Anne and Princess Eugenie -- walk out of the palace gates in their wedding attire should be taken to the tower and be beheaded at Traitors Gate, for allowing such an epic fashion disaster to occur in front of a billon+ people is surely a treasonable offence.  Finally, as Princess Beatrice proved, dressing in nude is tricky, even when the label says Versace and the hat is designed by Philip Treacy.

Beige, taupe, nude or whatever you want to call it, is a difficult color to pull off.  Especially difficult for a British person like Princess Beatrice with her alabaster skin.  I say this as a member of the palest of pale British club, a person who, when I'm sitting at the pool in the midst of Summer, so alarms people that they feel the necessity to come and ask if I'm wearing sunscreen. British or not, pale or not, with nude, you can easily get into trouble. So here are a few tips.

1) A little nude can go a long way if you have a pale complexion. So try a scarf, a bag or nude shoes.  It only takes one piece of clothing to show that you are "up" with the latest trends.  The Plaited Shopper bag (left) from Zara, is a great example of purchasing one "trend" piece that you can use in perpetuity.

2) Wear beige as a jacket or sweater, so that it is not right up against your skin.  A great example, this fabulous Line-Upon-Line Cardigan from Anthropologie (right).  Pair it with white jeans and a white tank for a classic look.

3) When out shopping, place the garment next to your skin, if the fabric and your skin are the same color, put it down and walk away.  It doesn't matter how fabulous the design, if it is the wrong color, you are going to look like you have just come from the morgue.

3)  If you have a light complexion you should try to choose a beige or nude that has a pink shade as an undertone. If you choose a straight beige tone you will look "washed out".  The Tailored Shirt Dress (left) by BCBG, has pink undertones, so it won't wash out a pale complexion.

4) Red Heads, those considered "Autumn" and darker Complexion should choose a taupe nude, one that has brown or gray as an undertone. The Leather Dress with Frill (below right) from Zara is a great example.

5) Nude Shoes will make your legs look endlessly long and they go with everything.  And if you are trying to wear vibrant color, another big fashion trend of the season, nude shoes will help "tone down" the brights.

Finally, let's all make a pledge to stay away from hats for a while.  Unless they are of the simple straw variety, to protect your skin from the sun.  No octopus tentacles, feathers or nude antlers. Really.

Happy Shopping!

Notes:  Pictures from Zara, Athropology and BCBG.

Top Right: Zara, Leather Dress with Frill, Zara Nude Soft Ballet Shoe, BCBG Tailored Shirt Dress, Zara, Linen Coat.
Middle: Zara Long Studio Dress, Athropologie, Line-Upon-Line Cardigan,  Anthropologie, Pebblestone Belt.
Bottom: Slingback Patent Leather Pump,  Zara Plaited Shopper Bag, BCBG Alex Trench Coat Dress, Zara Long Knit Dress.

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