Monday, May 2, 2011

Marrakesh Blues

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I was eight years old the first time I went to Marrakesh, Morocco. The sights and sounds from those few weeks are still seared in my memory.  Marrakesh is a beautiful city, filled with wonderful ornate tiled buildings, majestic mosques, vibrant markets and luscious green gardens. The highlight for me, watching the sun set over the desert late one warm afternoon.  I have never seen such a beautiful one since.

"Worldly" or "Far off Lands" is a Fall 2011 interior design trend.  The beauty of being a globally connected world is that at the touch of a button we can see the decorating styles of distant countries and make those designs part of our own aesthetic.   

In creating Moroccan style in a room or outdoor space, here are some tips:- 

Use geometric patterns - Combine large tile patterns with geometric shapes with smaller intricate patterns in similar color families.   

Use silver accessories – Intricate silver pieces, mosaic side tables and hammered silver pieces will help you to easily create the Moroccan.

Choose carved pieces –Heavily carved side pieces, old carved doors, or a heavy coffee table will add to the Moroccan vibe of the room. 

Use vibrant color - Using vibrant blues and pinks, even on one wall, combined with bright white, will help to create the style.

1) Use Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are central to Moroccan style.  As seen in the picture above (right), vibrant tile work is everywhere in Morocco, embellishing doorways, decorating fountains and stairs.  Top left, Moroccan plate from Living Morocco a great website which feature a wide variety of unique and handmade accent pieces with a  Moorish flair.  Bottom left, Moroccan Tile fabric from graphic designer Helen Rawlinson's  lighting range, a UK graphic designer.

2) Using Silver Accessories and Carved Accessories

The addition of silver pieces and carved accessories instantly add a Moorish feel to any room. The Metal Garden Seat is a piece that could be used inside or out, as seating, a side table or even as a coffee table.  The Inlaid table would be a great piece in any room, whatever your decorating style.  All pieces are available at Horchow.

3) Use vibrant color - Using vibrant blues and pinks, even on one wall, combined with bright white, will help to create the style.  A great alternative if you are not comfortable with large swaths of color, choose a vibrant graphic fabric for a chair.  Top left, from Anthropologie the Astrid Chair in Nile Ikat Fabric.  All other chairs  available at Horchow.

Other Moroccan Looks

I love this headboard from Pottery Barn Teen.  Dramatic and stylish in black and white, this would give any room a fabulous punch of style.

From West Elm, these wire lanterns would instantly add a little Casbah to your outdoor space.  

Happy Monday!

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  1. I like this look a lot, especially the lanterns.