Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fabulous Find #7

I came across this very smart Monopoly set while wandering through Restoration Hardware.  I have to admit that I love Monopoly.  As a result, our Monopoly box is in less than stellar condition, suffering from good use.  I'm sure like me, you probably  spent many childhood hours playing the game. I grew up on the English version with Mayfair instead of Boardwalk.  Then, twenty years ago, I married a Yank. 

Despite the geographical miss-communications, my husband and I have a camaraderie of sorts in the shared history of playing this Parker Brothers favorite.  The challenge for me was not accepting dollars versus pound notes, but rather, accepting his family's rules. Developed over years of endless games, taunting and associated tantrums between siblings, the large Italian clan had come up with some interesting customized alterations.  The most blatant and yet functional addition was what is known as the "earthquake rule".  If one had a "wobbly", resulting in banging the table, throwing the dice, and generally mussing up the board, they were fined a penalty equal to the rent for each disturbed house and hotel.  Other rules were far less functional and a little more self-serving.  Stealing for example: one was allowed to steal cash from their neighbor.  If the offense was not detected before the next roll of the dice, the injured party was not allowed to challenge. I suppose you could say that rule was the first lesson in Statute of Limitations.  If said criminal was caught, they went to directly to jail, did not pass go and had to pay a fine of $200. Said rule was not made official until after two years of the eldest brother always winning, when inquiries were made.

We have started playing Monopoly with our own son Guy. The aforementioned questionable rules have been dropped in favor of the official version, despite the objections of my husband's older brother, who still insists that the "stealing" rule is somewhere listed in the "official" rules prior to 1978.  This dispute may never be settled. However, if you are thinking about playing a game of Monopoly, I suggest purchasing the "smart" addition above.  Read the rules carefully and let me know if you come across any unusual ones.

Happy Friday!

Notes: All pictures from Restoration Hardware website.

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