Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Falling In Love With Wallpaper Again.


Whenever you contemplate a move to a new home, you start to consider your own design aesthetic.  As many of you know we are moving to the East Coast later this year, and I have started creating a design book of my current likes and dislikes.  A design book is a great way to help you understand your design style.  By simply tearing out photographs of your "likes" from your favorite magazines, and of course, looking at blogs, you will quickly understand how you will want to decorate your home.   

While contemplating my own design style, a friend recently suggested that I check out an interior design company located in Little Rock (really) called Bear-Hill Interiors.  Of course, she had hit the nail on the proverbial head. Bear-Hill's design aesthetic matches my own, and a plethora of pictures from both the website and the blog have been copied and pasted into my little design book.  I'm in love with their use of fabrics and furniture, their color choices, but most of all their magical use of graphic wallpapers on walls and even ceilings.  So here are some of my favorites. I strongly encourage you to check out the Bear-Hill  website, as these pictures here are just a small selection of their beautiful design projects.


I love the thought of using wallpaper on the ceiling like Bear-Hill did in picture 1 & 2.  The pale graphic papers add a modern touch to both rooms, while at the same time adding color.


Although the graphic wallpaper above is a classical design, the grey and white makes the look modern, when paired with these glossy white chairs.


I'm a huge fan of yellow and once again, although this print is a classic pattern, the use of the wallpaper on only one wall, set amongst a white modern kitchen, gives it a modern flair.


For the bold of heart, black and white is always a classic, and this bold, graphic pattern paired with a black lacquered chest of drawers is magical!


I love this re-take on classic east coast style.  Even though all the furnishing and wallpaper are regency in scope and style, the pale colors bring a modern twist to these classics.

For more information click on Bear-Hill Interiors.  Bear Hill's store is located at 1420 Rebsamen Park Road | Little Rock, Arkansas | 501 907 9272.  

Bear-Hill Interiors Store, Little Rock, Arkansas
Happy Decorating!

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