Thursday, May 5, 2011


This photograph makes my heart go pitter patter.  I took it yesterday at Blooms the tiny kiosk-like building in the heart of Corona del Mar that houses my favorite florist. Every time I go to their little kiosk I think that if I could ever own any business in the world, this would be it, just so I could stand amidst the beautiful array of vibrant, fresh cut flowers I see spilling out of the buckets.

I have used Blooms for every occasion, a friends birthday, a baby shower and even for a small intimate dinner. Any excuse to get a bunch of their flowers, or to have an arrangement made and I am in like Flynn.  Their flowers are exceptionally fresh and varied and their simple but abundant flower arrangements are always filled with the freshest flowers of the season.   If you live in the OC, consider Blooms this Mother’s Day.  Not that I'm saying I did.    

Blooms is located at 3601 East Coast Highway, Corona del Mar, CA 92625. Phone 949.673.6964.

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