Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wallpaper for those with small feet...


A friend asked me to help find wallpaper for her son's nursery and it reminded me of a story about my own.  I started life in a nursery with wallpaper depicting donkeys wearing straw hats. I'm sure it was beautiful wallpaper knowing my mother's flair for design. She probably didn't feel quite so great about the wallpaper choice after my grandmother, upon seeing the wallpaper for the first time, noted that I would probably grow up thinking that all donkeys wore hats because of the ridiculous wallpaper. Ouch! If you are invited by your son, daughter or friend to view a nursery, try to think of something charming and complimentary to say about the wallpaper.  Forty years later, whenever my mother thinks of that wallpaper, she is still irritated by my grandmother's comments.







1. Tres Tintas Barcelona. From "Once Upon a Time", their first collection that not only features simple decorative designs, but is also intended to arouse the imagination through beautiful stories and magic tales.  Left. The Child the Dancer and the Dragon.  Right. In Search of the Lost Planet.

2. Rose & Grey, London.  Top. Hand Made Paper -Purple and Silver.   Bottom Left. D'ya think e saurus-Blue and Brown. Bottom Right. Animal Magic-Grey & Black.  I wish my son were small enough because I would love to paper a wall in one of these prints. Rose and Grey has wonderful collection of vintage and modern furniture, accessories, wallpaper and gifts.

3. Ferm LIVING, Denmark.   Animal Farm.   Ferm LIVING originates from an design company in Aarhus, Denmark. Website offers a wonderful collection of wallpaper, textiles and other objects.

4. Ferm LIVING, Denmark.  Ferris.  I love hot air balloons and this paper's muted tones are beautiful.

5. Harlequin, London.  What a Hoot Collection.  Left.  Pick n Mix. Right Top.  Brighton. Right Bottom.  Jolly Jurrasic.  I'm especially fond of Jolly Jurassic.  I love the idea of pink dinosaurs for the future female paleontologist.  Harlequin has beautiful wallpaper for grown-ups too.

6. Land of Nod. USA.  Frames Wallpaper.  I want to feel conflicted about children drawing on walls, but as an art major I'm inspired and jealous that I can't spend hours coloring in this wallpaper.

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