Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank heaven for little girls.

So I admit that as the mother of a boy I am a little jealous of the "girl" clothing sections in most department stores. While I rummage through the minuscule and mediocre boys section searching for one decent pair of shorts that don't make my child look like either a dead head or an athletic advertisement, my friends with daughters browse through endless aisles of cute tops, dresses and skirts.  Oh yes, I'm bitter! When I was introduced by a girlfriend to Mini Boden's line for boys, I could have wept with joy. Actually I think I did shed a tear or two.   Mini Boden's line for girls is just as great, so here are some of my favorites for Summer. 

 In Friday Fabulous Find #2  I mentioned that espadrilles are a "big" style trend this season.  I find these espadrille wedges in washed red (pictured left) irresistible.  Also available in blue, these shoes would look great on any lass when paired with a summer dress, jeans or even shorts. I have a feeling these would be the "go to shoes" of the summer in any household.  Talking of summer dresses, I was immediately drawn to the Buttercup Daisy strappy summer dress in yellow (one of my favorite colors). I love the bold graphic print, the spaghetti straps, the classic smocking detail and the blue pipping at the waist.  Perfect for any summer garden tea party, or just to roam around town looking divine!

For hanging at the beach or romping in the garden I love these Combat shorts in a pink and blue plaid.  An endlessly versatile piece, these shorts will be great with any t-shirt a little girl may have in her wardrobe.  The "what can I wear with this?" question, will be easy to answer, "put on the combat shorts!"  There are three "Fun girl T-Shirts" in various colors in Mini Boden's summer line, but the design above right is my favorite. Boden's t-shirts are favorites in our house.  Most importantly for any Mum, they wash like a dream, the colors never seem to fade and the cotton is cosy and comfortable

I would personally like a pair of these Metallic gold leather sandals in my closet (left).  As the website says, "Any day you can wear of flower between your toes is a good day."  Words to live by.  These metallic sandals will add a little "bling" to any wardrobe and the back strap ensures that your daughter won't be dragging around in flip flops all Summer.  The cropped white turn ups (pictured right) are of course a staple in any summer wardrobe, whether you are grown-up or pint-sized. I love the printed trim detail around the pockets.  The turn ups will go with everything, including the red espadrilles I talked about earlier.  Wouldn't that be cute!

Finally, pictured left, Mini Boden's sleepwear line.  Take a look if you can.   Classic patterns, fun prints, stripes and bold graphics.  If you, like us, have a lot of sleepovers during the Summer, their PJ line will be a sure hit.

Happy little girl shopping!

All pictures from Mini Boden website.  Not detailed:  White Tiered Top,  Blossom Dahlia Dress.

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